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Whisker Fatigue in Cats

Sounds weird, but whisker fatigue is actually a condition that affects some cats. At the tip of each whisker there is a sensory organ called a proprioceptor. The proprioceptors send messages to the cat’s brain and nervous system. A cat’s whiskers are so sensitive that they can even register slight changes in air currents. Whiskers […]

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Are Insects Safe for Pets to Eat

Scientists tell us that it won’t be long before we all are eating bugs, although only specific types. But our pets are not as discriminating as we are. Anything flying or crawling is fair game. For the most part bugs, such as grasshoppers, flies, earthworms, some spiders and others, offering small protein meal, will not […]

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Pets and Black Widow Spider Bites

Black Widow Spiders are notorious for their potent venom which is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake. Contrary to popular belief, not all species of Black Widow females consume their mates after mating. Male Black Widows are much smaller than the females and their venom is much less harmful. The Black Widow usually […]

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Should You Crush Pets’ Meds

We’ve all had experience with trying to get our pets to take their medication. Pets are often difficult to fool especially when it comes to swallowing something that isn’t very tasty. But before deciding to crush your pet’s pill, check with your vet. Some medications should not be crushed as they are supposed to be […]

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A “New” Old Medical Treatment

Do you remember hearing about those creatures called Leeches? Well, they’re making a comeback in the world of medicine. And they’ve been proven more effective and safer than some modern therapies for vascular problems, wound care, arthritis and inflammation. Medicinal leeching was used in ancient times and even up to the 19th century to treat […]

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Latest Rabies Recommendations

2016 Current law in most localities in the United States requires that a dog who comes in contact with a rabid animal and has an expired rabies vaccination should be euthanized. In some instances the dog may be allowed to undergo a strict isolation for 6 months under veterinary supervision and given a rabies shot […]

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Is Your Cat a Picky Eater

Are your cat’s eating habits driving you to drink? Well, research scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia may have found the answer as to why cats turn their noses up at some foods. Cats don’t have the ability to discern sweet flavors as they have no sweet taste receptors. But they do […]

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Living With a Deaf Cat

Living and caring for a deaf cat can be more of a challenge, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. It just requires a little extra time. Deafness can occur as a result of trauma or it can come on slowly with aging. Some cats are born deaf, never hearing any sound. Deafness […]

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How Are Cat Eye Colors Determined

Cats eyes appear larger in relation to the size of their heads. Their eyes range in color – copper, orange, yellow, hazel, green, blue and shades of each color. Cats don’t have black or dark brown eye colors. The deepest eye color is copper. As with human babies, kittens eyes appear blue at birth. Kittens […]