Blacktail Cribo

Blacktail Cribo

The Blacktail Cribo is one of a species of indigo snakes in the colubrid family. Colubrids are the largest family of mainly harmless snakes found worldwide except in Antartica. The Blacktail Cribo is native to Central America.

The Blacktail Cribo grows to about 8 feet in length, some even to 10 feet. Tails are black as their name indicates. Some have bodies of tannish yellow or golden brown while others have black flecking. There are black stripes near the eyes. Sometimes, with age, tails will lighten somewhat in color.

In the wild the blacktails eat a large varied diet including frogs, lizards, birds, eggs, rodents, fish and even other snakes. In captivity they can subsist very well on a diet of frozen and then thawed rodents. Their metabolism is fast so they eat a lot. Be careful when feeding as the blacktail can mistake your hand for food and bite you. It’s best to use tongs when feeding the snake.

Blacktails that are caught in the wild may sometimes harbor parasites. They should be examined by a veterinarian to determine if medications are necessary.

Blacktails have good temperaments. Adults are tame, non-aggressive, very placid. Young blacktails can be more excitable. They require large cages, secure so that they won’t escape. Cage temperature should not exceed 80 degrees and cage should be well ventilated. Ceramic water dishes are good as they won’t tip over. Wood shavings (not cedar) can be used to cover the bottom of the cage. Hide houses should be included. If the cage is too dry place some moistened sphagnum moss in a dish.

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