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Cats and Their Vocalizations – Understanding “Cat”

Cats can produce a number of vocalizations,about 100 different sounds, most of which tell us what’s on their minds. The majority of the vocalizations are meant to communicate with humans. The most common sounds are meow, purr, growl and hiss. By comparison, dogs make about 10 different sounds. Siamese and other oriental cat breeds are […]

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Ca de Bou

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: England Group: Guard dog Height: males 21-23 in., females 20-22 in. Weight: males 78-84 lbs., females 66-75 lbs. Life span: 9-13 yrs. Trainability: high Good with children: yes Good with other pets: yes What is the origin of the Ca de Bou? The Ca de Bou is descended from Mastiffs […]

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Should You Adopt an Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets are usually defined as anything other than the typical domesticated animals. Exotic pets include snakes, lizards, weasels, tropical birds, wild animals and more. If you’re thinking of adopting an exotic pet, here are some points to consider: Contents 1 Advantages of owning an exotic pet 2 Disadvantages of owning an exotic pet 3 […]

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The word axolotl (pronounced ´axe-ah-lot-l´) is derived from a Nahuatl word (the language spoken by the Aztecs) that has been variously translated as ´servant of the water´, ´water-dog´ and ´water-doll´, among other things. These creatures are a species of salamander. Unlike the salamander, axolotls retain some larval characteristics throughout their entire lives, including the gills, […]

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U.S. Presidents and their Pets

GEORGE WASHINGTON, our first President, served from 1789-1797. While the White House was not constructed at that time, Washington’s pets can still be considered as “First Pets,” and he had many. Popular and unusual were a Lemur named Jackson and a Messenger Pigeon named Edmond. JOHN ADAMS, 1797-1801, was the first President to live in […]