Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

Arabians are on of the most loyal horse breeds and have been compared to dogs for loyalty. Arabians have been bred with other horses to improve the individual breeds.

Where does the Arabian Horse come from?

The Arabian or Arab is the oldest purebred horse in the world. It is the only one of the original 4 species of horse that exists today. The Bedouins of Arabia were the first breeders of this horse that was so crucial to their existence. The breed has existed for over 4,000 years. The Bedouins selected the traits they desired and bred those horses. The Arabian developed into an intelligent animal, eager to please humans, alert and spirited, ready for any task required of it. Almost every breed of riding horse today can trace back and find Arabian bloodlines. Through wars and trade, the Arabian found its way throughout the world. The first Arabian horse in the U.S. was owned by George Washington. The Arabian became a popular breed in America when it was shown at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

What does the Arabian Horse look like?

The Arabian is a strong, elegant looking horse. It stands 14.1 -15.1 hands tall and average weight is 1,000 lbs. While body structure can vary somewhat, most Arabians have short backs and arched necks. The head is wedge-shaped with a small muzzle and large nostrils. The forehead is broad and the eyes are large. In profile, the face appears concave. Tails are carried high. In spite of its compact body and relatively small stature, the Arabian is a very strong horse with dense bone structure. Coat colors include bay, chestnut, grey, black, roan-like (rabisano) or sabino patterns. All coat colors have black skin except under white markings, to protect them from the desert sun.

What is the temperament of the Arabian Horse?

The Bedouins bred only the horses with good temperaments. Often the horses lived inside the family’s tent for their protection. They were so well-behaved they were trusted with children. Because of this outstanding trait, the U.S. Equestrian Federation allows children to show them in all ring classes. Arabians do not respond to harsh training and are very sensitive.

What are the uses of the Arabian Horse?

Arabians are capable of many different activities – pleasure and trail riding, hunting, dressage, horse racing, competition in show events. The Arabian is an excellent family horse.


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