Animal Whisperers

Dog Whisperer

Since the release of the movie “The Horse Whisperer” in 1998 and its re-release in 2007, there has been much interest generated in communicating with animals.

There are people who claim to be whisperers for all types of animals, from pets to those in the wild.

Cesar Milan, who calls himself “the Dog Whisperer” uses calm, assertive training methods. They seem to work best with dogs who have different types of aggression issues. There are many who agree and just as many who disagree with these methods.

There are many people who appear to be able to understand and communicate with animals on a deeper level than others. There is a strong bond between these people and animals. One of the secrets of communication is understanding an animal’s body language. They speak volumes using parts of their bodies.

Many animal whisperers think of themselves as being psychics or communicators and actually being able to communicate with animals through thoughts.

We believe we can all train ourselves to be animal whisperers. Simply observe your pet in different situations and noting responses. Reading an animal’s body language can tell you a lot about what s/he is thinking.

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