ALERT – Cargill Animal Feed Recall

Cargill announces another recall due to higher than acceptable aflatoxin levels in their poultry feed, calf feed and corn products.

Certain NatureWise, Showmaster, Dumor and Producers Pride products are affected. The products have been pulled from store shelves. They were distributed in Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi. The products were manufactured at Cargill’s LeCompte, Louisiana facility between September 6, 2011 and December 1, 2011.

Cargill says that the testing of the corn was not working properly and that they informed the FDA. They report that the problem has been fixed.

Some products involved in the recall are:

NatureWise Chick Starter Grower 18% Crumbles 24# and 50#

NatureWise Meatbird 22% Crumbles 40# and 50#

NatureWise Cleaned Cracked Corn 25# and 50#

For further information, go to the Cargill Animal Feed Recall site.

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