British Shorthair

British Shorthair
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: England
Coat Type: short, thick
Color: any color of cat & patterned
Temperament: calm, affectionate, good with other pets

March’s Cat of the Month

A mixture of cats brought to England by the Romans and native English cats. This breed is calm and does well in apartments.

  • Where do the British Shorthairs come from?

Originally called the European Shorthair, the British Shorthair’s origins come from a mixture of cats brought to England by the Romans and native cats of England. Persian cats were then introduced to the breed to enhance the Shorthairs thick coat. They appeared in their first cat show, in London, in 1871.

  • What do British Shorthairs look like?

British Shorthairs are stocky cats. They are smaller and less muscular than their American Shorthair brothers. They have a round, broad head, with round, copper colored eyes. They have short, strong legs and tail. The overall impression of the cat is that it should be compact. The British Shorthair’s fur should be short and dense. It comes in an array of colors and patterens.

  • Do British Shorthairs make good pets?

The British Shorthair is a very calm breed of cat. They make wonderful indoor pets and do well in apartments. They do well with other animals with similar temperaments.

  • Where can I adopt a British Shorthair?

At you can find a British Shorthair looking for a good home.

Possible Health Issues

Obesity, other health issues are rare but include Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, patellar luxation.

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