Under the Covers Pets

Dog Blanket

Many pets enjoy burrowing under the bed covers to be close to their humans. That feeling possibly dates back to the time when they slept in dens, close to each other.

Burrowing under the covers has an advantage for pet parents too as it can make crate training easier. Placing a blanket in the crate encourages your pet to go inside and make itself comfortable and cozy. And if the blanket has your smell, that’s an added perk.

Many pet parents go to great lengths to make sure their pets are comfortable in bed with them. Some people will even buy a larger bed to accommodate the pets. Others will sleep scrunched up at the edge of the bed so as not to disturb their pets.

My mother had a beautiful persian/angora cat by the name of Cinderella (Cindy for short) who adored her. Cindy knew when it was sleep time and would run back and forth from my mother to the bed. Once my mother complied with her wishes, Cindy would get under the covers and sleep close to my mother.

My very first dog, a German Shepherd mix I named Cookie, enjoyed sleeping under the covers with me. At 7 years old, I didn’t take up much room, but Cookie would let me know with a grunt if I moved too much.

Why do pets burrow under the covers with us? Probably for the same reasons we get under the covers – warmth, security and closeness.

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