Turtle Health Tips

Red-eared Slider Turtle

Turtles do lots of things in the water (aquatic turtles do everything), including using their environment as a toilet. Since many health problems arise due to substandard water conditions, it’s very important to keep your turtle’s water clean.

Use the appropriate tank size for the species and the number of turtles you have – larger is better. A good filtration unit that fits the tank or pond size is necessary. Check the filter often to make sure it’s clean and working properly. To ensure there’s no unpleasant odor, change the water frequently.

Turtles need an outside heat source to maintain the right body temperature. You can use a basking lamp or a special water heating unit or even a combination of both.

Feed your particular turtle species the appropriate diet. Ask your veterinarian about adding vitamins, minerals, supplements to keep your turtle healthy. Aquatic turtles eat in the water so remove any uneaten food to maintain good water quality.

If you have an outdoor pond, your turtle benefits from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. An indoor turtle should have UVB lighting to give the same benefits.

Sometimes, in spite of all your good care, your turtle may have a health problem. Keeping a watch on your turtle will help discover any problems before they become serious.

Be sure your veterinarian is qualified to care for reptiles.

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