Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Sweden
Group: Herding
Height: 11-13 in.
Weight: 20-35 lbs.
Life span: 12-15 yrs.
Trainability: high
Good with children: yes with early socialization
Good with other pets: yes but may be dog-aggressive

What is the origin of the Swedish Vallhund?

The Swedish Vallhund has been known for centuries, even during the time of the Vikings, as an all-around farm dog. Almost extinct by the 1940s, two Swedish gentlemen revived the breed. Vallhund is Swedish for “herding dog.” In the 1960s, the breed became known as Vastgotaspets after the Swedish province of Vastergolland where the breed revision began.

What does the Swedish Vallhund look like?

Height is 11-13 inches tall, weight is 20-35 lbs. depending on gender. The head is wedge-shaped. The pointed ears are wide-set and erect. Eyes are oval-shaped. The tail can be long or stub, natural or docked. The coat is medium long and harsh. Colors are gray through red with lighter harness markings, darker face mask with lighter hair around eyes, muzzle and throat. The coat should be brushed every week.

What is the temperament of the Swedish Vallhund?

Swedish Vallhunds are brave, alert little dogs. They should have early positive training and socialization as with all dogs. They are eager to please and will learn quickly. Vallhunds should be socialized well with children when they are puppies. They can be aggressive with other dogs and suspicious of strangers. Vallhunds require moderate daily walks and a play session.

What is the Swedish Vallhund used for?

They are used for herding cattle, hunting vermin. as watchdogs and compete in agility trials. Vallhunds are affectionate family companions.

Possible Health Issues

Hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye diseases

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