“Stop and Smell the Roses”

When we humans go out for a walk, we usually keep up a good pace. We seldom stop until we reach our destination unless we meet a friend or look in a shop window.

Dogs, on the other hand, seem to stop and go constantly – ready to sniff at anything visible. At these times, we have a tendency to pull on the leash and hurry our dog along. But stop and think for a moment why dogs stop to “smell the roses” so often.

Dogs love to go outdoors for walks. You can watch the excitement build up as we head for the door with leash in hand. Walks not only fulfill their physical needs, but satisfy their mental and emotional interests. A dog’s nose can be compared to a news program. His/her nose tells a dog what’s going on in the world. You already know how strong a dog’s sense of smell is and it’s importance in the dog’s life. Interesting note: Researchers have discovered that a dog usually uses the right nostril when sniffing new scents and the left one for routine, non-threatening odors.

So, on future walks with your dog, please let him/her stop and sniff. Your dog will enjoy the stimulation and glean some interesting information. And you might enjoy your surroundings as well.

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