Small Munsterlander

What is the origin of the Small Munsterlander?

Also known as the Kleine Munsterlander, this breed comes from the Munster region of Germany. The breed is more than 500 years old. It’s excellent hunting abilities made it a breed for the nobility only. However, as of August 1919, the Weimar Constitution recognized all Germans as equals and hunting became a more popular sport open to all. The Small Munsterlander is not related to the large Munsterlander. Although little known by the 1800s, by the end of the century, efforts restored the breed. The Small Munsterlander is trained to retrieve, point and hunt mainly small animals and deer.

What does the Small Munsterlander look like?

The Small Munsterlander is a really a medium-sized dog with elegant lines. Height for males is 20 1/2-22 inches; females are 19 3/4 – 21 1/4 inches tall. Weight is 40-60 lbs. The nose is brown, eyes are dark brown. The feathered tail is carried horizontally. Legs and belly are moderately feathered. The coat is medium length, straight or slightly wavy. Color is patches of brown on ticked or solid white background. Coat should be brushed every few days.

What is the temperament of the Small Munsterlander?

The Small Munsterlander has been described as highly intelligent, strong-willed, happy. Consistent and gentle training is necessary as well as patience. This hunter responds well to both hand and voice signals and checks with its human for silent commands. It is loyal and affectionate with its family and usually bonds closely with one person, although loves everyone and craves human companionship. If raised with cats and other small pets, it will tolerate them. But with its strong prey drive, unfamiliar small animals are fair game. The Small Munsterlander is an agile, athletic dog and requires lots of vigorous exercise daily. Without much exercise, the Munsterlander can form bad habits. It will do better in a house with a secure fenced-in yard than an apartment.

What is the Small Munsterlander used for?

The Small Munsterlander loves water and is an excellent swimmer both in salt water and freshwater. It can hunt on all types of terrain as well. Its skills can be used in dog sports such as agility, flyball and search and rescue. It is an excellent loyal companion for an active family.

Possible Health Issues

Dry skin especially in cold climates, special attention to ears after swimming, hip dysplasia

Name = Small Munsterlander, Kleine Munsterlander

Place of Origin = Germany

Group = Sporting

Height = Males, 20 1/2-22 in., females 19 3/4-21 1/4 in.

Weight = 20-40 lbs.

Lifespan = 12-14 years

Trainability = high

Good with children = yes

Good with other pets = Will tolerate them when raised together

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