Silver Marten Rabbit

Another Commercial Body Type is the beautiful Silver Marten Rabbit. Less than 100 years old, the Silver Marten was recognized as a breed in the 1920s.

Silver Martens are an American breed, a result of crossings between the Tan and Chinchilla breeds of rabbit. They weigh about 6-9 lbs. fully grown. Their round bodies are slightly smaller than the New Zealand and the Champagne D’ Argent. Heads are longer. Ears are about 5 inches long.

Coat colors are black silver, blue silver, chocolate silver and the rarer, sable silver. Bellies are silver with silver reaching sides of the body and silver ticking all over. Life span is 5-10 years.

Silver Martens are active rabbits. They are very social, even-tempered and love to play. They adjust very well to living in a home. Silver Martens are good pets for older children. They can be a bit timid with young, excitable children.


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