Scribbled Angelfish

Scribbled Angelfish are common in large public aquariums and less commonly kept as pets. However, they can be very friendly and will even eat from a human’s hand once they have become comfortable in their new home.

Males are 11 in., females slightly smaller. They are native to Northern Australia and Indonesia. Because they are not always available in pet shops, they can be expensive to buy.

Do not introduce youngsters into an aquarium with any aggressive species. Minimum size tank is 120 gallons, as they need lots of swimming space and places to hide. Water quality must be well maintained. Scribbled Angelfish do not react well to sudden changes in water conditions.

Scribbled Angelfish are omnivores and should be provided with a varied diet. They will eat dried flakes, frozen prepared diets for sponge and algae eaters, frozen shrimps and meaty foods. They must be fed twice or three times a day.

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