Plasma Cell Stomatitis

Plasma Cell Stomatitis

Plasma Cell Stomatitus is a very painful, chronic condition in which the gums of cats are an angry red and bleed at the lightest touch. Breath is foul and the cat drools. Cats can become inappetant, only licking their food.

A blood test and biopsy are necessary to diagnose Plasma Cell Stomatitus. It may be associated with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

Treatment includes regular removal of plaque from the teeth. Predinisone and antibiotics are prescribed to prevent bacterial infections.

Bovine Lactoferin, a natural compound and Interferon, an immune modulator, have shown some positive results in normalizing immune reactions.

If all these treatments fail, a veterinary dental specialist needs to be consulted as all the cat’s teeth may need to be extracted.

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