Peking Nightingale

The Peking Nightingale a captivating song and will begin singing at the break of dawn as soon as the sun appears.

What is the native habitat of the Peking Nightingale?

The Peking Nightingale also known as the Japanese Robin, Pekin Robin and Red-billed Leiothrix, but is not actually native to Japan. It is native to Southern Asia. It has also been introduced on the Hawaiian Islands and small populations of escapees have existed in Japan since the 1980s.

What does the Peking Nightingale look like?

This beautiful bird is about 7 inches long with a basic color of olive. Wing feathers are red, yeallow and orange. The long narrow beak is cherry red.


Pekings are incredibly fast movers. They get along well with other birds, but consult your pet supplier as to housing with others. They eat fruit and mealworms and an insect mixture. They are best kept in large aviaries with many bushes where they can find insects to eat and hide and nest in the most leafy vegetation.

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