Morgan Horse

Morgan Horses

Morgans are versatile horses. They compete in disciplines (horse events such as dressage, jumping, driving, etc.). They do ranch work, endurance riding and pleasure riding. Morgans are dependable, loyal horses, love people and are eager to please. They are agreeable to all that is asked of them.

Where does the Morgan Horse come from?

Morgan Horses were named for Justin Morgan, who bred them. The original Morgan Horse was born in Massachusetts in 1789. Morgans today can trace their ancestry back to this horse named Figure. Figure is buried in Vermont and became the Vermont State Animal. The Morgan is the State Horse of Massachusetts.

What does the Morgan Horse look like?

The Morgan stands 14.1-15.2 hands. This compact horse has an upright graceful neck and muscular quarters. Colors are bay, black and chestnut, sometimes pinto, gray, palomino, roan, dun or buckskin.


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