L’Oreal Helps End Animal Testing

L'Oreal lipstick

L’Oreal is the largest beauty and cosmetics company in the world. The HSUS tells us that for years L’Oreal has been involved in developing safe testing of their products without using animals. L’Oreal has provided the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with funds to test their methods and assess the safety in cosmetics.

In a March 12, 2012 joint press conference, the HSUS an their affiliates, the EPA and The L’Oreal Group announced their plan to work together to test non-animal substances in cosmetics.

Current animal tests, besides being unspeakably cruel, have proven ineffective in large part to species differences.

The HSUS informs us that the European Union is preparing to phase out all cosmetics with ingredients that have been tested on animals, with a complete ban by April 2013. This coming ban will urge cosmetic companies based in other parts of the world to replace animal testing with other methods.

You can encourage these companies by not purchasing products tested on animals.

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