Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Thailand
Coat Type: short to medium long, glossy, fine, no undercoat
Color: silver blue with silver tips
Temperament: very affectionate, gentle, playful,
good with children & other cats

Cat of the Month for August

The Korat is a rare cat that came to America in the 1950s. In its native Thailand, it is considered to bring good luck and is often given as a gift to a dear one.

Where does the Korat come from?

The Korat is a rare breed, even in its country of origin, Thailand.  The Korat is also known as Si-Sawat in Thailand which means “Color of the Saawat Seed. The Thai people consider it good luck and it is much loved by them being highly esteemed as gifts. The Korat came to  America in the 1950s.

What does the Korat look like?

The Korat has a medium sized, muscular body. The head appears to be heartshaped. Ears are large with rounded tips. The eyes develop into a brilliant green at about 2 years old. The coat is single, short to medium in length, glossy and fine and lying close to the body. Color is always silver-blue tipped in silver.

Does the Korat make a good pet?

Korats are very intelligent and have an acute sense of smell. They will use their paws to reach things they want, even to opening cabinets. Korats are exceptionally affectionate and like to be close to their owners. While they are agile and playful, they are very gentle as well, even with children. They don’t like loud noises and walk about carefully and quietly. They tend to want to be the boss with other cats, but do get along with them. With their gentle, affectionate nature, Korats make great pets.

Where can I adopt a Korat?

Here is a short list of organizations that specialize in purebred rescues.

Purebred Cat Breed Rescue – contact Linda Pollack Mercer; email: [email protected]

Cat Purebred Rescue – email: [email protected]

Paws of Gold Feline Rescue – email: [email protected]

Possible Health Issues

Sensitivity to vaccines, gangliodosis (lack of enzyme to metabolise lipids/fats, incurable).

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