Kids and Reptiles

Boy and Snake

If you are looking for a pet for your child, consider a reptile. There are a number of reasons to choose such an unusual pet as an addition to your family.

  • Many children have a fascination with dinosaurs. These children will find a reptile endlessly interesting. Kids who love science will also get a thrill out of caring for a reptile.
  • Reptiles are fairly low-maintenance. They don’t demand affection, so your child can play with his pet whenever he feels like it, without having to devote too much time to it.
  • For children with allergies to fur, cats and dogs may not be an option. A reptile can be a great alternative.
  • Kids get a thrill out of feeding reptiles. Your child’s friends will come over just to watch.

Reptiles can carry salmonella and other bacteria, so they are not a good pet for children under the age of 5. Older children must be taught to wash their hands well after handling the animal. Other issues to consider: Many reptiles eat live food, and if you and your child are unable to stomach this, you may not want a reptile. Also, some reptiles can be unpredictable and aggressive during mating season and may bite. Bites can be painful and require immediate disinfection. Make sure there is a vet in your area who cares for reptiles before taking one on. Find out how big your pet will grow so you can determine whether this animal is the appropriate size for your child and the space you have to keep it in.

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