Keeping Your Pet’s Food Safe

In order to avoid parasites and spoilage to enter your pet’s food which can cause illness and/or disease to you and your pets, the FDA has some suggestions about keeping food safe. With all the recalls of pet foods due to the presence of salmonella or other problems, it’s a good idea to follow these suggestions.

Don’t buy dented cans or damaged packages.

Feed your pets in an area easily cleaned and sanitized.

Wash countertops, tables or any surfaces that pet foods have had contact with.

Use utensils earmarked for pet food only.

Wash hands thoroughly after handling pet foods.

Keep pet foods in a cool, dry place and sealed in a container to prevent spoilage.

No matter how you store your pet’s food, keep the original packaging that lists the manufacturer’s contact information, the lot code and the UPC number. These facts can be useful if the pet food is suspected of being the source of illness and is being investigated.

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