Keep Your Kitty Cool in Summer

Hot Cat

Cats are usually smart enough to find the coolest places to rest in when temperatures soar. But they too can suffer from the effects of summer heat.

You can help your cat avoid heatstroke or sunburn by keeping him indoors in a cool area on extremely hot days.

If it’s impossible to keep your cat indoors all the time, be aware of symptoms of heatstroke or sunburn. If your cat pants excessively, paces, has difficulty breathing, has an increased heartbeat, is extremely lethargic or has dark red gums, call your vet immediately. You can help by wrapping your cat in a cool, damp towel. If your cat won’t drink on his own, you can administer cool water by filling a syringe and slowly emptying it into your cat’s mouth.

White cats are more prone to sunburn, but all cats can feel the effects of the sun. Be aware that sunburn can eventually lead to skin cancer. If your cat has any sores, particularly on nose and ears, that do not heal, see your vet.

If it’s extremely hot outside, try to avoid too much activity for your cat. Stroking your cat with a damp cloth a couple of times a day will help keep kitty cool.

Have cool, fresh water available at all times. You can keep an extra bowl of water in the fridge to have a ready supply. The newer cat fountains offer constantly running, fresh water. Keep a bowl of fresh water outdoors too.

Cats feel the heat most on paw pads, tops of ears and bellies. If these spots are kept cool, your cat will be more comfortable.

Summertime and the hot weather brings some unwanted visitors. Check your cat often for any bug bites. Keep your cat free from fleas and ticks using preparations made only for cats, either natural remedies or commercially prepared ones. NEVER USE A FLEA/TICK PREPARATION MEANT FOR DOGS ON YOUR CAT.

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