How to prevent flatulence in dogs

Dog Hiding

Okay, so you have a dog that’s blowin’ off madly in all directions. I know you love your dog, but does the smell keep others from liking your dog as much as you do? Well, fortunately, there are solutions.

  1. Don’t feed your dog beans, broccoli, or foods like that. They cause as much gas in dogs as in humans.
  2. Make sure your dog doesn’t eat way too fast. This can cause the dog to swallow air.
  3. Feed your dog good quality food that doesn’t cause excessive gases. For example, if you’re feeding your dog Compliments generic dog food and your dog is gassy, try swiching to another brand, such as Pedigree. If a regular dog food obtanible in supermarkets doesn’t help, check with your vet to see if there’s a special type of dog food, which may be obtanible only through veternarians, that may help.
  4. Mixtures of diffrent kinds of foods are good, so if you feed your dog only dry food, try adding a bit of canned food.
  5. A bit of yogurt can help give the dog bacteria to help reduce the gas.
  6. A walk after meals will help the dog blow all the air out outside before he’s back inside the house.
  7. All dogs let one go every now and then, so a fart every here and there is acceptable.
  1. A serious farting problem may indicate a gastrointestinal illness, especially if there’s vomiting or fluid feces involved. If all these options don’t solve the farting problem, then a checkup should be done. If this is the case, removing the infection will stop the gas, and other problems.

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