Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Brazil
Group: Guard dog
Height: males 25-29 in., females 23-27 in.
Weight: males 110 lbs., females 90 lbs.
Life span: 9-11 yrs.
Trainability: moderate
Good with children: yes with family
Good with other pets: yes with family

What is the origin of the Fila Brasileiro?

The Fila Brasileiro’s ancestors were probably the Bulldog, the Mastiff and the Bloodhound. Filas were brought to Brazil in the 17th century by Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors.

What does the Fila Brasileiro look like?

The Fila is a large-boned dog. 25-29 inches tall and weighs 110 lbs. and up with the females being slightly smaller. The head is large and square. Ears are pendant. The skin is loose with a coat that is short and smooth. Colors are all except mouse-gray and solid white. Regular brushing will keep the coat in good condition.

What is the temperament of the Fila Brasileiro?

The Fila is a dog for an experienced owner. Filas dislike strangers and may show aggression towards them. Socialization will help make them more stable in their relationships with strangers, but they may never accept them. However, they are very loyal and very protective of the family. They are very good with children in the family and other family pets. Filas should have early training with a firm but positive hand. The Fila is not recommended for apartment living.

What is the Fila Brasileiro used for?

Because of their tracking abilities they were once used to hunt slaves and fugitives in their native Brazil. They are natural guardians. With the right owners, Filas are good family dogs.
Note: It is illegal to own the Fila Brasileiro in Great Britain, Israel, Norway and Australia without special permission from the courts.

Possible Health Issues

Hip/elbow dysplasia, bloat/gastric torsion, eye problems.

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