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Thanks for joining The Pet Wiki!


Thank you for joining The Pet Wiki community!

Getting Started:

We recommend that you fill in your profile to let people know a little bit about you. Fill in your user profile:
<a href=\”http://thepetwiki.com/User:<userName>\”>http://thepetwiki.com/User:<userName></a>

Visit our forum and introduce yourself to other members of the community:
<a href=\”http://thepetwiki.com/Special:AWCforum\”>http://thepetwiki.com/Special:AWCforum</a>

Ready to write your own article? Add your article here:
<a href=\”http://www.thepetwiki.com/wiki/The_Pet_Wiki:Write_an_article\”>http://www.thepetwiki.com/wiki/The_Pet_Wiki:Write_an_article</a>

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can write a message on my board:
<a href=\”http://www.thepetwiki.com/wiki/User:AnimalLover\”>http://www.thepetwiki.com/wiki/User:AnimalLover</a>
Or send me an email:
[email protected]

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