Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Wales
Group: Sporting, Gun Dog
Height: 17-19 in.
Weight: 35-50 lbs.
Life span: 12-14 yrs.
Trainability: high
Good with children: yes
Good with other pets: yes, with dogs, chases cats & small animals

What is the origin of the Welsh Springer Spaniel?

Spaniels have been used by the Welsh hunters for hundreds of years. The Welsh called the spaniel “starter” because of its springing when startling birds from cover. At one time, both Welsh and English Springer Spaniels were considered as one breed, the only difference being color. Today there are other differences and the Welshie is a separate breed.

What does the Welsh Springer Spaniel look like?

The Welshie is a medium size dog, 17-19 inches tall and weighing 35-50 lbs. depending on gender. The muzzle is squarish. Ears are low-set and pendant. Eyes are oval-shaped, hazel or dark colored. Feet are round. The tail is docked and carried horizontally. The medium length coat lies flat and can be straight or slightly wavy. There is feathering on the ears, chest, legs and tail. Color is red and white. The coat should be brushed once or twice a week and ears checked regularly.

What is the temperament of the Welsh Springer Spaniel?

Welshies are more easy-going than their English cousins. The hunting instinct is deeply ingrained in the Welshie, so early training to obey commands is important. Welshies bond very closely with their humans and learn easily. They are good with children and other dogs. However, they may see small animals as prey. Welshies are very active, energetic dogs and need people who are equally energetic – hiking, swimming, jogging, etc.

What is the Welsh Springer Spaniel used for?

Welshies excel in obedience, agility, tracking and hunting trials. They are also good guard dogs. Best of all, Welshies are loving, devoted family companions.

Possible Health Issues

Hip/elbow dysplasia, entropion, progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, cataracts, hypothyroidism

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