English Foxhound

What is the origin of the English Foxhound?

The roots of the English Foxhound date back before the 1800s. The English kept very careful breeding records. Created in the late 16th century using other hounds, the Greyhound, Fox Terrier and Bulldog were later used in the mix. Foxhounds were bred to hunt fox and other small game.

What does the English Foxhound look like?

Males are 22-25 inches tall, females 21-24 inches tall. Weight is 65-75 lbs. The ears are set low, pendant and close to the head. The muzzle is long. The ail is carried up most of the time. Paws are almost cat-like in appearance. Eyes are large and brown. The coat is short, hard and dense. Colors are tricolor (white, black and tan) or white with another color such as yellow, tan, orange, etc. Coat is easily groomed with occasional brushing.

What is the temperament of the English Foxhound?

The English Foxhound is a curious, active dog. Training may be a bit of a challenge, but using firm but positive methods and patience will work. English Foxhounds are friendly towards children and most people and love their family. They get along very well with other dogs and are good with other animals. However, care should be taken as they do have a strong prey drive. This is a very energetic breed and does not tire easily. They require lots of exercise and do best with active families who can meet their energy levels. They are not suitable for apartment living.

What is the English Foxhound used for?

The English Foxhound’s stamina, speed, nose and ability to live around horses make him an excellent hunting companion.

With the right family, the English Foxhound is an enjoyable companion.

Name = English Foxhound

Origin = England

Group = Scenthound

Height = Males, 22-25 in., females, 21-24 in.

Weight = 65-75 lbs.

Trainability = medium

Lifespan = 10-13 yrs.

Good with children = yes, with early socialization

Good with other pets = good with other dogs, may see other animals as prey

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