Drooling in Cats

Remember that famous line spoken by Sassy the cat to Chance the dog in the movie “Homeward Bound” – Cats rule and dogs drool.” Well, it’s not entirely true, cats can be “droolers” too.

If your cat dribbles when content or kneading you or playing with a catnip toy, it’s usually normal behavior.

However, drooling can indicate potentially serious conditions such as oral/dental disease, kidney disease, ingestion of a toxin or foreign object, trauma or nausea.

The most likely reason for excessive drooling is a mouth problem such as tooth resorption (see our article), feline stomatitis (pharynx or bone at the back of the throat becomes inflamed or infected), oral tumor, chronic kidney disease and so on.

If your cat dribbles or suddenly begins drooling, it is vital to get him/her to the vet. Drooling, while quite messy, usually means something serious is happening with your cat.

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