Do Dogs Recognize Our Facial Expressions

The more we know about our best pals, our dogs, the more we realize what incredible beings they are. Some researchers believe that the longer they share their lives with us, the more they learn to mimic some of our behaviors (thank goodness only the best ones).

Researchers in Vienna, Austria have recently discovered what we dog people have known for a long time – dogs can recognize our happy, sad or angry faces as well as our body language and the tone of voice.

Results of testing a group of dogs have shown that they were able to read facial expressions anywhere from 70-100% of the time, an amazing number.

Centuries of living with and observing us have given dogs the unique ability to know our moods from watching our faces.

So, the next time you give your dog “the look”, you don’t have to say a word, s/he knows exactly what you mean.

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