Choosing the Right Age Dog


When we adopt a dog there are certain characteristics we require in our pet. One of the most important factors to think about is the dog’s age and how s/he will fit into your lifestyle.

Are you an outdoor person who likes to go hiking, camping and more? Then you will need a breed that is active and has the stamina to keep up with you. A young, adult dog sounds like a good match.

Are you more of a couch potato (I really don’t like that term), a senior or someone who enjoys more leisure time. Then perhaps an older dog, past that high energy stage, is right for you.

Dogs that are past the puppy and youngster stages have advantages. They are usually trained in the basic commands, are past chewing everything in sight. They are calmer and adapt more easily to your ways. You can read their personality types which lets you know how well they fit into your life.

Of course many people prefer to adopt a puppy and they are adorable. But keep in mind the training required. Puppies have to eat 3-4 times a day, have to make a number of toilet trips – after each meal, after playing, when waking from a nap. This can mean going outdoors in the middle of the night and in all kinds of weather. Since house training can take some time, you have indoor cleaning chores. Puppies chew everything and don’t distinguish between your very expensive shoes and your ratty slippers. But if you have the time and patience and are willing to make the commitment to a puppy, then that may be the right age for you.

No matter what age dog you choose, from puppyhood to senior, they will want to please you, are never too young or too old to learn new things and will give you their complete and utter devotion.

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