Do Animals Dream?

Sleeping pets

Observing my dogs when they are in deep sleep mode, I would have to say yes, some animals do dream.

In experiments conducted on rats in 2000, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown that animals really do dream. The results are that their dreams can be complex and may be replays of events that occurred in their lives.

Dr. Walter Wilczynski of the University of Texas at Austin believes the evidence is convincing that almost all mammals and birds that have been studied, dream.

Using technology, researchers can measure brain activity and as in humans, the stage of sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement)is the time of dreams.

Birds tuck their heads under their wings to sleep. You can often hear your pet bird chirp or even talk while sleeping, a sign of dreaming.

Horses, Dogs, cats and other small pets will sometimes twitch, move their legs as though running and make sounds while in a deep sleep.

Pet psychics claim they can contact animals who will explain their dreams to them.

It’s possible that pets who have been abused dream about those dreadful times.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could learn what our pets are actually dreaming about?

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