Dehydrating Food for Your Bird

Dehydration of food is a process that removes water. The pieces become smaller and more concentrated, but nutrition remains practically the same. Dehydrating food inhibits the growth of bacteria as well.

Before there were dehydrators there was the sun. Early on people discovered that the sun removed water from their food which could then be preserved and stored in this way for a longer period of time without spoiling. Since the food weighed less, it was also easier to carry.

These days, using a dehydrator also causes less damage to food. The processes of baking, canning and freezing foods reduces its nutritional value somewhat. You can save money using the dehydration method as food can be purchased when it’s on sale and/or in season and preserved. The home dehydrator will soon pay for itself.

If you buy organic fruits and vegetables for your bird (and yourself), there is the added advantage of no additives or preservatives, making produce healthier.

When cutting food for dehydration there are differences in the thickness of a slice. Thicker slices take longer to process and retain a small amount of water. They should be refrigerated especially if they have a leathery feel. Thinner slices are more chip-like.

The dehydrator will not burn or harm food if you leave your choices in a bit longer than necessary.

Dehydrated food can be stored in jars or ziplock baggies. When food is thoroughly dried and stored properly it can last from one season to the next. If you want to keep it longer, store in airtight containers in the freezer.

Investigate the dehydrator brands presently on the market and make sure the one you purchase is of a high quality and safe to use.

Then watch your bird enjoy the healthy treats while you enjoy the savings.

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