Cooked or Raw Veggies for Birds

Parrot Eating an Apple

Vegetables are a very important part of your bird’s diet. They should be the major part along with sprouts and legumes and a high quality bird food.

Raw veggies offer the highest amount of nutrients. According to the experts, veggies are best served raw. The most desirable veggies are those that are grown free of insecticides. But washing them well before serving works too.

Birds will eat what they are used to and any change in texture, taste or look of a food can cause your bird to refuse to eat.

Starting your bird off with both cooked and raw veggies will make him/her less picky. Of course all birds are individuals, each with his/her own preferences. It’s always best to offer your birds the types of veggies they will consume.

If your bird is a cooked veggie enthusiast, you might be able to convince him/her to turn to raw by gradually cooking the veggies for shorter periods of time.

Keep offering your bird raw vegges, but don’t fret if s/he refuses to eat them. Cooked veggies offer nutrients as well and cooked is better than no veggies at all.

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