Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: England
Group: Herding
Height: males 14-16 in., females 13-15 in.
Weight: males 60-75 lbs., females 50-65 lbs.
Life span: 10-14 yrs.
Trainability: high
Good with children: yes
Good with other pets: yes

The Collie is a centuries old sheepdog. It’s name probably comes from the black-faced Scottish sheep it guarded.

What does the Collie look like?

There are two types of Collies, the rough and the smooth. The rough Collie has a dense double coat that needs regular brushing. The smooth variety needs little grooming. Hair is short on head and legs on both types. The Collie is a graceful, sturdy dog. Height is about 22-26 inches, weight about 50-75 lbs. depending on gender. It has a lean looking wedge-shaped head with a long muzzle ending in a black nose. Ears are two-thirds erect with the top third folded over and carried forward. Colors are any shade of tan with white markings, black, white and tan and blue merle.

What is the Collie’s temperament?

The Collie is a highly intelligent dog, kind and sweet, sensitive and very loyal to its family. Collies are easily trained. They are very protective of their families, especially good with children and particularly protective of them. The Collie must be trained with a gentle hand or it might stubbornly refuse to do what is asked of it. The Collie is not aggressive although it might be wary of people it doesn’t like. It is good with other dogs and pets.

What are the Collie’s uses?

The Collie is an outstanding sheep dog. With its high intelligence it has been used as a guard dog, rescue dog and as a guide dog for the blind. Collies can be comfortable in apartments as long as the get plenty of exercise that includes long daily walks. Dog parks are great to let the Collie off leash to play. Collies are wonderful companions.

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