Chiropractic Care for Your Horse

Equine chiropractic care is an alternative therapy for horses with neurological and musculoskeletal problems. With increasing awareness of its benefits, horse owners view it as a non-invasive treatment.

Chiropratic’s main focus is restoring the normal movement and function of the spinal cord.

When there is a problem with the vertebrae, the surrounding tissues are affected. Irritation due to nerve involvement can cause pain, altered posture and movement, leg joints and muscle changes.

Chiropractic may be able to detect problems before symptoms which can lead to lameness occur.

If your horse shows signs of pain, has behavioral issues, acts up when being saddled, is sensitive to any touch, refuses to jump and has difficulty working and is losing weight, you might want to consider chiropractic care in addition to other treatments recommended by your veterinarian.

If your horse has chronic or recurring musculoskeletal problems that are not responding to other therapies or is recovering from an injury, chiropractic treatment may help.

When choosing a chiropractic practitioner for your horse, always opt for one that has completed education. Check references. You want your horse to receive the best effective treatment that will ensure his/her safety and well-being.

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