Cats and Toilet Paper

Cat Toilet Paper

We love our cats — they’re great company and can be great playmates. They are curious creatures and sometimes find the oddest things to play with – like the toilet paper roll. Have you ever walked into the bathroom only to find the toilet paper in a mess on the floor? This may not be too difficult to fix.

Perhaps the cat or kitten is new to the rules of the house. Try using the command “No” when you catch the cat in the act. If you aren’t a witness to the event, your cat won’t understand the scolding after the deed is done. If your cat has been trained not to unroll the toilet paper but still insists on doing so sometimes, you may have to make some bathroom changes.

  1. Try rolling the paper under rather than over, since the under orientation doesn’t let the paper swing around as much when the cat is batting at the roll.
  2. Move the toilet roll holder to a higher location on the wall out of reach of your cat.
  3. If nothing else works, close the bathroom door. If it’s a lever handle and your cat can open that too, get a keyed lock.

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