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Is Your Pet Left or Right-Handed

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, scientists come up with something new. It may be difficult to believe, but pets can be left or right-handed just as humans are. Studies conducted at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland have shown that female dogs and cats are right-handed while their male counterparts are left-handed. However […]

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Why Do Birds Have Beaks?

Birds‘ beaks function the same way that jaws do in other animals. Jawbones and teeth are heavy and birds need to be lightweight so they can fly. That’s why they have beaks instead. Different species of birds have differently shaped beaks. Each bird has a beak suited to the type of food it eats. For […]

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Pet Intelligence

How intelligent is your pet? Research on animal intelligence is a fairly new field but a lot has been learned about how animals think. Charles Darwin, when explaining how human intelligence developed, theorized that it must have developed from animal intelligence. He argued that animals face the same challenges humans do – finding a mate, […]

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Anatomy of a Dog

Muzzle Stop Skull Neck Withers Shoulder Back Loin Croup Tail Thigh Hock Knee Rib Cage Elbow Front Pastern Upper arm Front Chest