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Easy Safe Tick Removal for Pets and Humans

A friend on a yahoo group I belong to (Canine Cancer Prevention) shared this with us. A nurse discovered this safe, easy way to remove ticks. It works in places where it’s difficult to get to with tweezers. It also works well on dark fur or dark hair. Instructions: Apply a few drops of liquid […]

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The Doctor Fish

The Garra Rufa Fish is also known as The Doctor Fish, Nibble Fish, Kangal Fish, Tickle Fish, Surgeon Fish, etc.. It is originally from the Middle East, mainly Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. It is most famous in Kangal, Turkey. There are different breeds but the one of interest here is the doctor fish […]

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Controlling Your Allergies to Pets

About 10% of the population is allergic to animals. If you love animals but are allergic this can be a problem. Causes of Pet Allergies Cat and dog dander, or skin flakes, as well as their saliva and urine, can cause an allergic reaction – sneezing, wheezing, and running eyes and nose. Bird feathers and […]

Equinophobia - Fear of Horses
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How to overcome equinophobia (fear of horses)

It’s easy to see why some people are scared of horses. After all, isn’t a Shire Horse much bigger than you are? Despite the fact that some horses kick or bite, most don’t, so there really isn’t a need to be scared of horses. Often it’s caused by a poor memory in childhood, though it […]

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Ailurophobia: Fear of Cats

Although cats are not everyone’s favorite pet, there are some people who have an abnormal fear of cats which may include symptoms such as intense fear, sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, dry mouth, tightness in the throat or chest. In some extreme cases, a person may be afraid to leave the house for fear of encountering […]

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Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs work in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, wherever there is a need. Their job is to bring comfort and affection to people. They bring incredible benefits to people who are ill, have learning disabilities or find themselves in extreme stress. Adults and children who don’t do well with other treatment will often respond to […]

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Cats and Therapy

Dogs are well known for their therapy skills. But cats have the same bond with humans and are being recognized as having a strong role as therapy pets. You can tell by yourself how, when petting your cat, tension leaves your body, you feel more relaxed. The feel of soft fur under your hands supplies […]

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Seniors Make Lasting Connections with Furry Friends

Tamer Elsafy, CEO of Flexcin International, the makers of Flexcin and Flexpet vitamin supplements for people and pets with arthritis and joint pain, was recently published in Senior Spectrum Magazine. The article is about how seniors can benefit from the companionship of senior pets. Research shows that pets help people live longer, healthier lives and […]

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Pets and Pregnancy

If you’re a pet lover and thinking about getting pregnant or already pregnant you may be wondering whether your family pet poses any risks to your pregnancy. Dogs don’t pose any health risks for you or your baby. A larger dog who is used to jumping on you may need to be trained to refrain […]