Catalonia, Spain Bans Bullfighting

Bull Fight

The Catalonian region of Spain has announced the historic decision to ban bullfighting.

The image protrayed of the brave matador battling a raging bull is totally false.

The bull is considerably weakened by the time it faces the matador. The bull has been beaten on the kidneys, has vaseline rubbed in his eyes and then is repeatedly stabbed by razor-sharp lances and darts.

As CACS (Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports) says, by the time the matador plunges his sword into the bull, the animal is exhausted, bleeding from numerous wounds and in agonizing pain.

Animal rights groups wholeheartedly support the ban, but some others claim it is an attempt by Catalonia to distance itself from the rest of the country after its proposals to expand self-rule were rejected by the Spanish constitutional court.

We feel kudos are due to Spain’s Catalonia region. We hope this move will encourage the abolition of this cruel, barbaric “sport” throughout Spain and anywhere else it it practised.

The ban goes into effect in 2012.

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