Brain disorders

Epilepsy – brain disorder resulting in periodic seizures

The following breeds are prone to epilepsy – Brittany Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Vizsla, Italian Greyhound, Poodle, Schipperke, Bearded Collie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Dogue de Bordeaux.

SeizuresGreater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Norwich Terriers, Papillons, Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervuren and Border Collies appear to have a higher incidence of seizures than other breeds.

Cerebellar Ataxia – problem with the part of the brain controlling coordination. American Stratfordshire Terriers can develop this.

Hydrocephalus – an increase in the amount of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain, literally “water on the brain”

Cerebellar abiotrophy – degeneration of brain neurons in the cerebellum, resulting in incoordination that becomes progressively worse. Kerry Blue Terriers and Scottish Terriers seem to have a higher incidence.

Encephalitis – an inflammation of the brain that can occur due to infections, viruses, skull fractures, wounds or old age

Strokes – brain dysfuntion causing interference with function of various parts of the body

Signs of brain damage may include fits, twitching, tremors, sideways flicking of the eyes

As with all diseases, propensity does not mean your dog will suffer from these ailments. Regular check-ups at the vet and being aware of any symtoms can keep problems to a minimum.

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