Book Review – “Modoc”

Modoc is the true story of the greatest elephant ever. The book was written by Ralph Helfer, an author, who ran a haven for abused animals where he met Modoc.

In 1896, near Germany’s Black Forest, a boy, Bram, was born to the Guntersteins, Beatrice and Joseph. Joseph was an elephant trainer who loved his charges and believed the only way to train them was through kindness. At the same hour of Bram’s birth, one of Joseph’s elephants, a female named Emma, star of the Wunderzircus, gave birth to Modoc who would become world famous. Bram and Modoc grew together and bonded closely for nearly 80 years, across 3 continents, through disasters, separation and any number of incredible adventures.

Animal lovers will treasure this true story of love, loyalty, courage, sacrifice and friendship that triumphs over all. You will find this book impossible to put down and impossible to forget. Definitely a 5 star read!

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