Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Group: Herding
Height: 17-23 in.
Weight: 30-50 lbs.
Life span: 16 years and more
Trainability: high
Good with children: yes, with supervision of young ones
Good with other pets: may view small animals as prey

What is the origin of the Blue Lacy?

Uniquely Texan, the Blue Lacy was developed in the 1800s by 4 brothers, Ewin, Harry, George and Frank Lacy. The spirited pioneer Lacys moved to Texas from Kentucky in 1858. Lacys are working dogs and favorites with ranchers, cowboys and hunters. Lacys are working dogs bred to gather feral hogs. Texas adopted the Blue Lacy as its state dog in 2005.

What does the Blue Lacy look like?

Lacys are medium size with powerful builds. Height is 17-23 inches and weight can be from 30-50 lbs. Eye color is yellow to amber. Ears are pendant. The coat is short, smooth and lies close to the body. Coat color is primarily ranges of solid blue or red with a white chest or tricolor with a blue base, red markings over eyes, muzzle, down legs and under tail. Coat requires minimal brushing.

What is the temperament of the Blue Lacy?

Lacys are highly intelligent and easily trained to perform many tasks. As with all dogs, early positive training and socialization is necessary. Lacys are sensitive to loud voices, so commands should not be yelled. This energetic breed loves children but should be supervised when with them. Since they herd and hunt, they may view small animals as prey. Lacys require daily vigorous exercise and work. While they can live in apartments, without enough exercise, there can be problems.

What is the Blue Lacy used for?

Lacys love to work and are excellent cattle herders and hunters. They excel at tracking, agility, flyball and are good watchdogs. Lacys are wonderful companions for people who can see to their needs.

Possible Health Issues

Skin and coat problems (alopecia), food allergies

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