Blue Gascon Hound


The Blue Gascon Hound was first recognized in 1976. The Blue is one of the largest of the hounds. Its ancestry goes far back, one prominent ancestor being the Grand Bleu de Gascon. The Blue shares its American origins with the Bluetick Coonhound. Successful efforts in 1976 to preserve the Blue resulted when supporters broke away from the AKC and formed the American Blue Gascon Hound Association.

What does the Blue Gascon Hound look like?

The Blue Gascon is a large dog, height is 25-30 inches tall and weight is about 75-105 lbs. with females being somewhat smaller than males. The head is large and broad with a wide nose. The long, pendulous ears have a slight point at the tip. Eyes are brown or black. Dewlap is pronounced. The tail is medium long and carried with a saber-like curve. The short coat is smooth, thick and dense. The base color of the coat is white with tan points and natural variations of heavy black ticking. Some dogs have solid black spots, some have no tan markings. Regular brushing keeps the coat clean.

What is the temperament of the Blue Gascon Hound?

This is a breed for hunting enthusiasts and people who enjoy outdoor activity. The Blue Gascon is known for its perseverance and has the high energy, stamina and ability to keep at the task. As with all dogs, early positive obedience training and socialization are necessary. The Blue can be wary of strangers. Although usually good with other dogs, the Blue may see other pets as prey. With early socialization and supervision, the Blue is good with children. This breed has a very loud voice that has been heard nearly 5 miles away. This is not a dog for apartment living. The Blue needs lots of space and activity with someone who enjoys the outdoors equally.

What is the Blue Gascon Hound used for?

As hunting dogs, their prey is a long varied list including fox, badger, wolverine, coyote, bobcat, wild boar, bear, jaguar, mountain lion, raccoon. The Blue is excellent under rigorous conditions and will tree the victims and hold them for long periods. An excellent companion for someone who loves the outdoors.

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