Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Balearic Islands
Group: Sighthound
Height: 22-28 in.
Weight: 45-50 lbs.
Life span: 12-14 yrs.
Trainability: moderate
Good with children: yes, with early socialization
Good with other pets: yes, if raised together, may chase cats and other small animals

January’s dog of the Month

Originally from Spain, the Ibizan Hound has a keen hunting instinct and excels in tracking.

What is the origin of the Ibizan Hound?

The Pharaohs of Egypt might have hunted with the Ibizan Hound. However, recent DNA tests have shown the breed to have originated in Spain. Phoenician traders brought these dogs to the island of Ibiza where only the best dogs were bred. Ibizans are one of the oldest purebred dogs existing today. They came to the U.S. in the 1950s.

What does the Ibizan Hound look like?

The Ibizan is 22-28 inches tall and weighs 45-50 lbs. The head is a long narrow cone-shape. Nose is flesh-colored. The distinctive large ears are pointed and erect. Eyes are small and light-colored. The tail is low-set and carried in an inward curve. There are 2 coat types. The short coat is hard and smooth. The wirehaired coat is harsh and can be short or medium length. Colors are white, red or white and red. Brushing once a week will remove dead hairs. Teeth need daily brushing.

What is the temperament of the Ibizan Hound?

The Ibizan Hound with its keen hunting instinct will chase anything that moves. Early positive obedience training and socialization while challenging, is a must. They are very intelligent, but can be stubborn and patience is required. Ibizans are gentle, loving dogs, loyal to their family. They are good with children when properly socialized. They may see small pets as prey. Ibizans are high jumpers and should have a secure, high backyard fence. They don’g do well in apartments as they need space to run off their high energy. Vigorous exercise is recommended.

What is the Ibizan Hound used for?

Ibizans excel in hunting trials, tracking their prey with their scent and sight abilities. They are devoted and loving family dogs.

Possible Health Issues

Axonal dystrophy (nerve and muscle disease), seizures, can have allergic reactions to drugs, insecticides, flea preparations, barbiturate anesthesia, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, deafness.

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