Bison – America’s New National Mammal

On April 27, 2016, Congress, with bi-partisan support, named the American Bison as the official national mammal of the United States.

Sadly, wild bison have been subject to cruel slaughter throughout the years decimating their numbers to near extinction. Conservation groups have been instrumental in helping to restore the bison to their native habitats.

The bison was misnamed by early American settlers who called them buffalo due to their similarity in appearance. The American Bison is native to North American while the two main species of buffalo are in Africa (African Cape Buffalo) and Asia (Asian Water Buffalo). A few relatives of the American Bison called the European Bison, exist in remote areas of Poland.

The Bovidae family includes many species of hoofed animals (ungulates) of which bison, buffalo, antelope, gazelles, cattle, sheep and goats are all part.

Today those bison roaming the open lands of their habitat are killed due to conflicts with cattle. The National Wildlife Federation is asking for your help to secure areas so that bison and other wild species may roam safely.

The NWF offers a fair market price to ranchers to move their cattle to areas where no conflicts exist between cattle and wildlife. It’s a win-win situation for ranchers and their cattle and wildlife.

The NWF is asking the public to Adopt a Wildlife Acre through donations. You can ensure that there will be a safe haven for America’s National Mammal along with other wildlife where they will survive and thrive.

Please check online at the National Wildlife Federation – Adopt a Wildlife Acre – and become a supporter and friend to the American Bison and other wildlife.

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