Aromatherapy for Birds

Bird Flower

Although there are many odors, among them aerosol sprays, teflon-coated pans and so on that can affect birds adversely, proper use of essential oils can be beneficial.

Essential oils are made from plants and their parts – flowers, stems, leaves, bark, wood, fruit. In the wild, birds are exposed to them all the time. Many essential oils can be advantageous to your bird’s health and well-being.

The trick is selecting the proper oils for your bird and using aromatherapy safely.

Angela Nelson is an authority on the use of essential oils for birds. Ms. Nelson has written a book called “Aromatherapy for Parrots” that anyone contemplating the use of essential oils for their bird should have. She covers all facets of aromatherapy including which ones are safe to use, descriptions of the oils, different applications and so on.

To begin using aromtherapy for your bird, do your research so that you may use essential oils for your bird safely and to his/her benefit.

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