Another Reason To Be Wary Of Pet Prescription Drugs

As if there weren’t enough reasons to be cautious when giving your pet a prescription drug, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) comes out with yet another reason. Uninformed people sometimes seek out prescription drugs for their pets that suffer from illness and disease such as pet joint degeneration.

The FDA has started to crack down on drug distributors and pharmacies that provide pet owners with discounted pet drugs, unapproved drugs or counterfeit drugs.

Many people are unaware of alternative and natural choices in helping their pets deal with illness or disease, so as to avoid prescription drugs. Natural remedies for pet joint degeneration and herbal remedies for pet joint degeneration are often popular amongst people who want to avoid the dangers of discounted drugs and prescription medicines that often come with unwanted side effects. FlexPet has worked with thousands of people all over the world to help bring their pets joints back to good health.

The FDA investigation has found that some pharmacies and distributors dispense drugs to unaware pet owners and ship drugs without an actual prescription. In some cases, companies have also been found to have sold specialty dog and cat food, which also requires a prescription.

Naturally, pain relievers were a part of the investigation. In question are certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) that can actually cause dangerous complications for your dog or cat.

For serious illness, pet owners should always seek the advice of their veterinarian to ensure their dog or cat receives the best treatment.

You should only give your pet prescription drugs when they are approved by a veterinarian, and it is preferable to get them at his or her office.

What are your thoughts on your pet taking unapproved drugs?

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