Another PMI Expanded Recall of Animal Feed

PMI Nutrition International, a subsidiary of the Land O Lakes company, has again expanded their recall of animal and fish feed. All the products involved were manufactured at a feed plant in Richmond, Indiana between April 2, 2012 and May 8, 2012, inclusive.

The products were under the labels, LabDiet, Mazuri and Aqua Max. They were distributed throughout the United States and include the following countries: Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands, Curccao, Mexico, Cambodia, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Chile and the United Kingdom.

The recalls are due to a potentially high level of Vitamin D which is harmful to animals and fish and can cause death if fed over a period of time.

The recalls affect food for small animals – guinea pigs, rodents, monkeys, turtles, parrots, fish, birds. Food for bears has also been affected.

Please check at the USFDA website, CVM updates for specific foods.

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