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Can Bufo Toads climb on walls?

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My 16lb Yorkie bit into a very large Bufo toad, it hopped around then disappeared. She of course got very sick right away. My husband swears he saw a large Bufo on our garage wall next to the outside light. I wasn't aware they could climb like frogs.
asked Aug 10, 2015 in Insects by anonymous

1 Answer

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Bufo Toads can climb on things like wire fences or anything that they can grip onto. It would be very difficult for them to climb on a smooth wall. Unless there's some way they can get a foothold, they can't climb on smooth surfaces. I hope your Yorkie was able to be treated and is okay. Please let us know. Sending good thoughts your way.
answered Aug 10, 2015 by (36,420 points)