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How do you take care of your pot-bellied pig?

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What are some good tips for keeping your pig happy?
asked Apr 21, 2013 in Farm Animals by (1,540 points)
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Pigs make great pets. They are highly intelligent, learn quickly, are playful. They can be demanding and require a lot of time and mental stimulation. They can live up to 18 years and more, so having one is a long commitment.  Feed a good commercial pig food and add fruits and veggies to help keep weight down. Pigs also enjoy grazing on grass. Their meals should be spread out over the day, feeding adults 2 or 3 times. Clean ears once a week, clean teeth weekly. Tusks and hooves needs to be trimmed by a veterinarian. Consult with your vet about which vaccines are necessary and how often they must be given. Train you pig to do tricks - they love to learn and it keeps them busy.
answered May 1, 2013 by (36,420 points)